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Families are like lighthouses

They are always there to guide us, they protect us, they embrace the real ‘us’, they represent the beliefs and values that we live …

Benjamin Button is here to help them shine even more.

Our vision is to take the family bond to the next level


As the modern world increases it’s pressures and fractures family life many people turn to material things instead of showing their emotions and often, quantity appears more desirable than quality.

We at Benjamin Button give back the power of the present to society’s cornerstone – the family. We are creating an ecosystem that holds the family together through their children, those who carry the family’s legacy and represent a new beginning.

Through the innocent happiness that children bring, we take the family bond to a new level. We see a world where people connect to their families face to face, person to person, parent to child.

Founders story

Watch short video about Dominik’s personal motivation to start the project

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Our mission is to revolutionise family memories

We are changing the way people remember, capture, choose and share the most precious family moments from both child and parents perspectives in a hassle free and intelligent way.

We give parents and grandparents a tool that enables them to get away from technological clutter, focusing on the wonderful shared ‘now’ with their offspring, or stay in touch with their family when they are thousands of miles away.

Benjamin button is a family archive maker where the family members star in their own movies. It’s a bank that stores the moments children would not remember, letting the value of these emotional assets grow with time.


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