You are given one, when you are born and that is how you will be known to everyone you’ll ever meet in your life from now on. Your name is the one very important decision you cannot make but is done for you. By your parents. So no pressure, right? Well, naming your child is sure something, parents should give at least some thought into.

The perfect name

Some of the factors parents may need to consider is if the name will fit their child’s personality, if they should go with something modern or rather a traditional name, if it will be easy enough to pronounce and write, if they should honor family traditions and name their child after someone in the family, such as one of the parents or perhaps grandparents. Some are even considering to name their kid after a famous actor or a music star.

The rules

Yup, there sure are some rules, you don’t necessarily have to follow but you may want to at least read and consider. 

How does the name of your child sound when you say it out loud? Does it sound nice and peaceful or really harsh?

Another thing to consider may be how well does the name go with your and of course your child’s surname. Will it be too long or just right. Don’t try to pick a name that is too funny as remember, your child will live with it forever and what may seem like a cute decision now will not be very funny when your kid reaches teenage age.

Totally understandable is, when you want the name to be slightly unusual, unique’s the word.

But uniqueness can also become a problem, especially when it comes to initials.

If you know you’ll be using initials of your kids name more than the actual name itself in everyday conversations and daily life put some thought into it. If the initials themselves form a word that’s rude, bad or insulting keep thinking. You surely don’t want them to get insulted every time someone calls their name and scar them for life.

Name that is ageless. Surprisingly names also have certain lifespans. What it means, is that your newly born baby is cute and you are surely very smitten but try to hold yourself back on names that are sounding just simply “too cute”. The best way is to imagine them a few years later, as they are graduating from school or going to their first job interview. The name you give them should be nice but sound professional as well.

Thus we found the answer to the question we asked in the beginning. Should naming your child be a process or a spontaneous decision? It should be a process as it is a decision that will define your child’s entire life. Don’t take it lightly but have fun with it.

Veronika Shoebridge

About Veronika

Veronika is an extrovert with a passion for writing. Nothing in particular, simply just loves to write. Besides that, she loves exercising, gardening and fashion. She considers herself to be an extremely organized person.

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