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Benjamin Button changes the way we remember.

We are building an ecosystem, based on an intelligent wearable, hassle-free camera, which captures the most precious memories from your or your child’s perspective, selects the best ones and enables you to share them with the people who matter.

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  • "Button-sized smart camera that makes it easy to follow your tots around to document all the important moments and memories."

  • "Benjamin button differentiates itself by being completely hands-free, lighter, and totally kid-safe."

  • "This smart device curates footage into a shareable movie of the “best moments” of your kid’s day, and sends it to your phone."

  • "Kids have a tendency to stop whatever cute moment they were in the middle of when professional camera comes out."

  • "Moms and dads have almost doubled the Benjamin Button’s $25,000 Kickstarter goal."

  • "Innovative idea - especially for those who worry about not being around enough."

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